Saturday, January 21, 2012

Module4 Connectivism

How has your network changed the way you learn? My network has changed the way I vet information, as a result, it is small. It caused me to become more reluctant to admit negative information that can influence my thoughts. This gives me a sense of control over my learning.  In my learning environment, I enjoy the ability to decide the time/place when I learn.
Which digital tools best facilitate learning for you?
Graphic organizers, particularly continuum are at the top of my list because they encapsulate concepts that are difficult to explain in words. If we can
become skilled at using a continuum, we are able to anticipate problems as they arise (Siemens, 2006). I have grown attached to the continuum concept because it simplifies the extreme ends of a spectrum and makes it easy for me to move in the appropriate direction.
How do you learn new knowledge when you have questions? I tend to construct my research question around a measurable verb. I think the verb standardizes the discovery process and facilitate the integration of learning concepts that makes the question answerable. In addition, the verb improves my ability to make progress and make my ideas specific.
Siemens, G. (2006). Knowing Knowledge. Location: Author.


  1. Hello David,

    Flexibility of time is a great asset to us all as we try to multi task in this fast pace era. I agree with you that networking has provided me with flexible time to study and learn new information. Goggle is an awesome search engine that helps us to research credible and non-credible information about specific topics.

    Graphic organizers are awesome to me. I am a visual learner, and I prefer my information to be organized and presented in a graphic organizer. They do enhance my ability to learn. I find myself using graphic organizers a great deal in my classroom.

    We all learn new knowledge by using some form of brainstorming. Some of the brainstorming tactics I use are listing or bullets, journal down questions, or free writing.

    Sandra Dykes

  2. Hi David, I too learn best when left to decide how I am going to learn. Do you think this is a trait that comes with age and maturity or something you are 'born with'? For me, I always learned best when "left alone"- I did not fair well when guided, as I was always a shy kid and group activity did not sit well with me. I think I took some of that mentality into adulthood, even though I am not shy anymore. What was your situation?

  3. Hi David. You said " a result, it is small." Did you mean your network is small? I tend to think of networks as expansive and ever-growing. Or, did you mean that the amount of information you accept is small, given your ability to vet that information? I find, again, if anything, I have more valid, reliable information at my fingertips as a result of my network of digital resources. Can you explain what you mean by, "it is small"? Thanks!

  4. David, great post! I agree with
    Karen that I tend to learn best when I am left alone. Also, looking over your network I see you have a network link called Urban Dictionary. What is the purpose? I'm just curious. I need that dictionary in my life.

  5. I really like graphic organizers also. They allow you to display a great deal of information on a single graphic. It is also a far less cluttered approach to note taking and studying. Graphic organizers are also a great tool to use with struggling writers and students who are having trouble making connections among concepts. Good Post

  6. Nice job. I was curious if you see any relationship among George Seimen's continuum and John Dewey's progressivism? Just another one of those -ism's. I am a fan of Dewey. It seems through the decades theorists have the same concept, only place a new title to it. Any thoughts?

  7. I too like to choose the time and place in which I learn. I believe technology is to thank for that luxury. Before the internet, students would have to go to class at a specific building at a specific time. Now we have the convenience to choose not only the time but the place. So if I want to learn on my couch at midnight, the choice is mine to make. BV